"I am absolutely thrilled with all 3 pairs of shoes that I bought! I am so very glad I took the 'Lizard' heels and the nude tassel sandals are a joy. Can't wait to wear them all! Thank you for the friendly, warm welcome and the expert knowledge that you gave" - Anne Roberts 

"Last week I walked on cobble stones through Oxford  for dinner (effortless) and was rewarded by the most admiring glances of my friends, family and fellow guests. Those stylish heels proved their worth in one evening alone!"  Jackie Higson

"I can't tell you how many people have commented 
on my shiny flats - they look great! And as for my stylish and comfortable low heeled lace ups (long gone are the days when I wore high heels) they look so elegant! Thank you!" Mags

Wearing my shoes for the first time today - super comfy. Another hit ladies!"

"First outing for my sparkly shoes - lots of positive feedback and so comfy too. They were just right to complete my sporty Akris look today. Thank you ladies"
Sheila Peak

"I wore the orange ‘booties’ today. It was like walking on cotton wool.  Brilliant - highly recommend!"
Margaret Renfrew


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